Subject: tshirts. I have too many darned tshirts as it is, but some companies always come out with new ones. It used to be

It used to be bumper-stickers. My old cars would have lots of bumper stickers all over it. But I got a new truck and I’m keeping the number down as I will have it for many years. It only carries Proud Woman Veteran, true Texan, and a Jack Russell heartbeat.

But I constantly get ads from (evil) facebook about new, funny, cute and irresistible t-shirts. Pictures of puppies, horses, dragons, and witty sayings. Today it is ‘Take care of the earth, its where I keep my dog.’ I recently got one that said things about writing.

Then there’s all the Viking ones, ‘I’m not a Princess, I’m a shieldmaiden. Then the protest ones ‘Stop horse slaughter’, ‘Protect the American Mustang’, and the begging ones ‘buy this shirt will feed 8 shelter dogs’,

I have the advertisement for Russell Rescue of Texas and All my conventions (Dragoncon, Revelcon, etc). There are the funny ones ‘ be yourself unless you can be a. Batman, b. a dragon, c. a unicorn’. (Hint: Always be Batman cause his superpower is being rich). 

And of course the ones I make. Michael Shanks as Hawkman (reference Smallville season 9 and 10), the cover of my book ‘The Homestead’, and Jack O’Neill as the Green Man. (you’d have to see it).

Now I have too many t-shirts and only a few none print shirts to wear to normal activities. (Though I’ll wear the writing one a lot.) And I need money for my next trip. Four of these bad boys are at least $100 dollars.

And they’re not cheap. $25 to $30 apiece. Well, the ones I make aren’t that. The Chartreuse Hawkeye shirt was $5 cause I got the shirt on sale and did the printing on my computer.

I think I’m getting the rep as the old lady with the funny t-shirts. But then, I can live with that. Though I’d much rather be known as the next JK Rowling. Sigh, I guess I’ll stick with the old lady with the t-shirts.


For new and prospective Terrier Owners.

Dear people who want a terrier. I see a lot of lost terriers on facebook. I know many of them get out of yards and go a hunting on their own. But bad things can happen to the babies in the big bad world. Here are a few suggestions from me and maybe some other terrier moms can pitch in their words too.

1. Lock the gate. If someone comes in, chances are the Jacks will get out. They are fast little stinkers. No one can successfully grab a terrorist on the fly.
2. Be sure your fence has good footing. A new fence with soft dirt is nothing to a digging dog. Pour concrete, lay big rocks or attach something as simple as chicken wire at the base of your fence an cover it with grass or gravel.
3. Don’t leave your dog outside alone for long periods of time. People will steal them, hawks and owls can take them and coyotes will kill them. Just don’t. ESPECIALLY in a storm. They will panic and if that fence goes so will the dog.
4. The underground electric fences are a joke. These little guys laugh at electricity. They see a cat or a squirrel and they go right through the zap. Also, other animals can come and go as they please. That chain link is a whole lot better.
5. If you have a wooden fence, be sure to check it regularly. If they can force their heads through an opening one day, the next day they will be gone. Be sure to check your fences after a bad storm. Lots of pets get run over when they get out.
6. Don’t leave them alone in a yard with an underground pool. As smart as they are, they may not swim or know how to climb out of the pool.
7. Keep them on a leash. Forests, parks, wilderness areas, lakes and oceans are also dangerous. Things live in them that can bite, poison or eat a little dog. Alligators, boa constrictors, (yeah, you read that right), sharks, bears, lions and the ubiquitous coyotes. Your little warrior will see prey and head for the wild open spaces. There, he will be the prey.
8. Be sure their leash, harness or haltee fits properly before you leave the yard or house. A terrier who can get loose WILL get loose.
I never put ID tags on a leash thing. I like a separate plain collar to carry their ID with my phone number and address. I use a martingale collar for the leash so the tag stays With the dog if he slips away. This is important. If you do lose a dog, a nice neighbor can call you if they find your dog or even a police officer may do it. If all you have is a city or vet office tags no one can help as the offices are all closed after 5 PM or weekends.
9. Carry a stick, a cane, golf club, etc in case you are attacked by loose or wild animals.
10. Microchip your pets. They work to help return or Identify your pets. Even if the worst happens it’s better to know.
11. Get your dog a job! Obedience, agility, flyball, hiking or just walking together. A Tired Terrier is a happy dog. And you’ll be in better shape too.

If someone has other suggestions, please feel free to add on. This is important enough for a village.

A friend wrote in and advised she has her Driver’s License Number tattooed on her dogs. She said it helped her to get her dogs back from a ‘neighbor’ who wanted to keep them.

Family stuff and kudus for a friend.

Honestly, I didn’t think it had been literally months since I’ve posted here.

Real Life is a bitch. And when you get older its full of surprises.  Quick commentary husband in hospital and now awaiting surgery. Me back in Physical Therapy and yeah, awaiting surgery too.  Has anyone used Dragon software? How do you like it?

Now some more exciting news.

Last night I spent a great evening gathering with writers and friends at 400 Josephine, a lovely and quaint little bar to Celebrate the initial release of KL White’s first novel, Dark Waters. The groups represented were The San Antonio Writer’s Guild, San Antonio Romance Authors and a few more I didn’t hear their actual name. Dark Waters is published by Carina Books and is available on Amazon.com as an e-book. Sadly no paperbacks available in this type of deal
Dark Waters is an adult fantasy book involving a Kelpie and his human friend in war’s aftermath. Be advised this is an adult book and involves interspecies romance. PS a Kelpie is a shapeshifter Scottish water spirit, somewhat like a Pooka to the Irish often appearing in the form of a horse.

I’ve seen the first chapter and enjoyed it. I’m excited for my pal and hope to see many more books from her.




Old people should not get puppies.

I’m sorry ahead of time if I hurt any feelings.

This came to me after reading a story on another list. When I worked as a PD dispatcher I was always shocked and saddened by what happened to elderly people’s dogs after they died or had to go to a home. Often times they were just taken to the city shelter by kids who couldn’t afford them or flat didn’t want them. The dogs were so sad, so betrayed, by humans that had loved them their whole lives.

If you are over 60 or maybe even younger, please consider getting an older dog and not a puppy. Jack Russells, Dachshunds, Chihuahuas, Rat Terriers and other breeds of small dogs will often live upwards of 15 years.

In my Never To Be Humble Opinion, A 70-year-old person should NOT get a puppy because the dog will probably out live you. Now having said that, there are thousands of good healthy older dogs in pounds, rescues and shelters all over the US. Please go and rescue those dogs. Some of them come from situations just like you, an older person. They are neutered, up to date on shots, microchipped, and house trained. They are there through no fault of their own. And when you do get a dog, or any other animal be sure to make provisions for your dog in your will. I personally work with a wonderful rescue and next time I plan on taking an older dog as a foster so that if anything happens, he will be returned to the rescue NOT dumped in a pound. Thank you for thinking of your dog

Our Princess.

I am very sad. A true Princess has left us. As the child of Eddy Fisher and Debby Reynolds , Carrie Fisher was as close to American Royalty as it comes. She was a girl who made mistakes in her loves and her life, but she was a talented woman who gave us the Galaxy far far away as a strong, vivacious person.

You were one of my heroes, not because you were perfect, but because you accepted your imperfections, fought them and won the battle at the end. Your books took us on a journey of your other talents.  You succeeded in places where many of your peers had failed.You fell into a vortex but then you emerged stronger and an example to many people who loved you.

Rest In Peace, General. May the Force accept you and grow stronger with your presence. You will be missed on our Planet.


A commentary on LOYALTY and our little Jack Russell Terrorists.

True loyalty is a very rare commodity in today’s world. A companion who will always stand by you is a ‘pearl of great price’ and of untold value. There is an ancient bond between mankind and our canine companions that was struck in the darkness of time immemorial. Many people have forgotten and violate the pact by ignorance and heartlessness. Some dogs don’t take it as seriously as others. They will run and hide in times of violence or danger to them. But not the Jack Russell. The old Parson would still be proud of the strain that he developed from his great lady bitch, Trump.

One of the things I seriously love about Jack Russell Terriers is their tenacity and their undying loyalty. We’re always hearing about the ones who go down a hole like Alice and can’t get back out. Or they get lost in the woods and have to be found.

There are even negative stories of them attacking other small pets like cats, ferrets and gerbils. These are unfortunately often true due to the innate nature of this little rascals, because they were bred to be brave beyond common sense and savage to their prey.

On the other side of the coin, however, there have been many many true stories of the little ones standing by their owners/masters/parents to the bloody end. There’s the story of George, a courageous Jack Russell from New Zealand who in 2009, was awarded a posthumous PDSA Gold Medal -( People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals,) the animals’ George Cross – for saving five children from attacking dogs. There’s the story of the South African JRT who remained to guard his master’s body after the man was killed by rebels in that country’s civil insurrection. There was the JRT who in England, saved his Mistress from a rapist by viciously attacking the man after being kicked numerous times. Then the story of the JRT who defended ‘his’ pub from burglars after they were closed. These news stories are becoming legendary.

Even television has given them a bow. There were the too perfect versions such as Eddie and Wishbone. But then on Law and Order there was an episode where a woman jogger was attacked and killed by an attack dog that had gotten loose in Central Park. The investigating detective (Lenny) sadly commented on the death of her little terrier dog who had fought the much larger dog to protect her.

I believe that if Nicole Simpson had possessed a JRT, there would have been proof of her murderer because he would have sustained injuries. The dog would not have been found wandering the streets in confusion. A Jack would have saved her or died with her.

Oh, yes. We know they have their problems and not all personalities mesh successfully. You can have a JRT who doesn’t work out for you. Something in their background may interfere with the bonding. Or they may be too high energy for your circumstance. If that happens, all you can do is return or rehome the dog. They are too strong willed to conquer if the relationship doesn’t take.

But we know that when we find them, that perfect dog, or they find us that we have a soul mate for life. We are blessed with our little hairy Angels. And the loyalty they give to us can only be returned as fully and as tenaciously as we can.

Because to do less than that, is simply not acceptable.


Holidays are certainly interesting.  You hear from and are visited by your family and you need to be able to deal happily and quietly with them. And this year my family had to look past who was missing in the celebration.

But I am by nature a bit of a loner.  I’m happier at home with my dogs, than going out to visit.

I think we are all this way just a bit.  And unfortunately the one person who was the central cog/linchpin for us was my Mother.  I say that sadly because she left us a year and a half ago.  She knew all our foibles, our preferences and our dislikes.  She knew what to say when we ran to her with skinned knees as children or money problems as adults.

My dad has never been one of those touchy-feeley sorts.  He grew up in the 30s and 40s when men were too busy making money for the family to really be a part of the family. It was always up to the wives to pull everything together and keep the cookies baking and the meat roasting.  And his career in the Air Force kept our Dad often away for a day, a week and sometimes even a year’s deployment.It was her wisdom and determination that held us together. So even now, there is an unmistakable hole in the center of the family when we get together proving once again that though the husband may be the head of the family, the wife and mother are the heart.

So, if you’re one of the lucky ones who, on a holiday trip home, walk into a bright, warm kitchen filled with love, laughter and the wonderful smells of turkey, ham or delivered Chinese Food give that woman (or man for that matter) a big hug,  a loudy smacky kiss and spin them around while laughing together.  Because a house without a wife is only a building with a lonely husband inside.