A Eulogy for a horse.


2 FEB 1989 – 4 AUG 2017

Scarlet’s doctor and I have decided to let her go across the bridge to Summer-land this Friday. Her old injury has caught up and she’s only on three legs now. She won’t even let me touch her right rear leg to brush it. I will go out early and she will gorge on baby carrots. I will groom her and talk to her and love on her.

How do you say goodbye to your best friend of 28 years? But she’s in pain and losing weight. She has never starved, never been overworked, never been beaten and never done a mean thing. We’ve laughed together and I’ve cried on her neck through the death of others I’ve been entrusted with.

I will get another horse, but not another colt, an older settled one. At 64, I don’t want to leave any orphans in my wake. And of course, she will leave very large hoof-prints on this earth to fill and in my heart. She is irreplaceable.

Some people say I rescued her. She was born solid red in a spotted Appaloosa world. She is bred to the purple, being a Great Granddaughter of Prince Plaudit and a Granddaughter of Colida. Her half brother, Impressive Powder won both World and National Reining Championships, Her half sister Powder Puff, won Texas Junior Reining horse and probably more I don’t know of. There were more, but I lost track of them when we moved to a boarding stable. But I think, she rescued me.

Scarlet was primarily raised to be my trail horse as the Appaloosa Horse Club didn’t allow showing of solid colored horses back in the 90s. We did a lot of trail riding and even a little endurance racing for fun. But her real job was to take care of me when I returned from Desert Storm with pulmonary problems and other issues. The joke around the stable was she cough broke, cane broke, crutch broke and cast broke.

At one point, we went a whole year without riding. When I did manage a saddle again, it was like we’d never stopped except of course I was heavier and slower. Since she was reining/cutting bred I occasionally left the saddle but she never left me behind. Scarlet would always wait for me to get up and get back on. She would stop, turn and berate me for embarrassing her in front of other horses. She also was sharp at chasing dogs who thought horses should run away. A true warrior in every way, she always carried the Appaloosa spirit whether chasing a dog, standing up to a running herd of cows or facing down a llama.

After abandoning the Appy people (who wouldn’t let us play with them), We turned to the welcoming arms of the American Indian Horse Registry. We never made a show or trail-ride with them because by now we were both a little to old to haul for hours to go to a function. But Scarlet and I excelled at Counting Coup and Trail-riding ultimately winning the Hall of Fame Award for their group. Not bad for a filly who was a misfit in her own bloodlines.

But three years ago, after a wonderful fall ride, she got cast in her stall and tore muscles in her right hind leg. I could tell she wasn’t ready to leave yet. After her initial recovery while she could trot out and even canter a bit but she was never stable enough to carry a rider. So I found her two places with two lovely ladies one after the other. Stacy Kirgen and her kids patted her and praised her while I took care of my Mom who passed in 2015. And when they moved their farm to another state, she introduced me to Kristen Brewer of Skull Crossing Ranch. There Scarlet has spent her last year standing under the beautiful Live Oak trees in her ½ acre pen.

But the time has come, my beauty, for you to cross the bridge leaving behind your old, aching body. You can run and play in green grass meeting my other horses who have passed before you. Say hello to Mike, Shadow, Charro, Flash, and Chili. You may even see your mother Spur’s Carrie Nation, your sire R Plaudit’s Bingo and your big brother Impressive Powder. You can tell them of our adventures at Bandera, Perdenales Falls and the many other trail adventures. May you all run free and happy in the tall grass. Play in the sweet water lakes and stand under the shade of the tree of knowledge.

Wait for me my darling. We will meet again.

You never hurt me until you left me.


Info on our Texas Congressmen in reference to Horse Slaughter Bill and Wild Horse/Burro culling.

First thing, we in the state of Texas do not control any wild horse herds. I know that. But, since this is on a federal level our Congressmen will have a say in their situations. Please take a moment and make a phone call or send an email to support and keep our national icons, the American Mustangs and Burros wild, free and ALIVE!

Let them know you are AGAINST THE FY18 Stewart bill. This bill basically guts the 1971 Wild and Free Roaming Act of 1971 allowing culling of the 92,000 wild equines of  America. That is ninty two thousand horses and burros. Yes, that number is correct and its pretty much all of them.

And also that you are for the S.A.F.E Act (awion.org) the Safeguard American Food Exports Act. Please let them know that you support and care about our wild horses and burros.

Now both of these monstrosities have already passed the Committee. Henry Cuellar voted yes on them so I would say Texans concentrate on Cruz and Cornyn. If not in Texas, please look up your (2)Senators and (1)Representative to give him/her your opinion and your support.

In Texas, to let your duly elected Representatives know how you stand against the culling of 92,000 wild horses and burros, here is their contact for your Texas Senators. Ted Cruz’s San Antonio # is 210 340 2885. For Washington, it’s 202 224 5922. Website is www.cruz.senate.gov. For John Cornyn’s phone number is 512 469 6034. His Washington office is 202 224 2934. His website is www.cornyn.senate.gov. Now each district has their own Representative. Converse and south AKA Dist 28, have Henry Cuellar, who FYI voted to fund inspectors to allow horse slaughter in the U.S. in comittee. Please call him and tell him how displeased with his stance on this issue. HIs San Antonio office is 210 271 2851. His Washington office phone is 202 225 1640. website is cuellar.house.gov

Comments to WhiteHouse and getting comments to President cause he needs to know 202-456-1111 switchboard 202-456-1414 or you can go WhiteHouse.gov to give comments

Please take action or it will be too late.

What you can do to help prevent Horse Slaughter

Info Dump from Me.  It’s heartbreaking in many ways but scary in others. Some horses are lucky. They live a good life, get retired and loved until they die of natural causes or are humanely euthanized.
Some lead a good life, then are sold off into Hell. Loaded in a cramped trailer, no food or water, driven hundreds of miles then butchered, often inhumanely with knives or clubs.
So who goes to Horse Hell? Surely not anyone I know. Yes, you do. From the parks, the race tracks and the television. In fact ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND American Horses go to slaughter for human consumption in Europe and Asia.
DRAFT HORSES (Belgiums, Clydesdales, Shires, etc.) go to slaughter quite freqently, but so do other types and breeds.  The big horses are ‘preferred’ by Asians and are shipped to Japan to be sold as sushi.
In fact a Budweiser Clydesdale was rescued from a kill pen. It wasn’t Buds fault. The older horse had been placed in a ‘safe home’ but due to circumstances was rehomed twice and then sold at auction. His old trainer stepped up and helped with his rescue.
But most have no such luck. They are work horses and their owners get rid of them when they are too old to work. The AMERICAN MORGAN horse also falls in this catagory because of its popularity as a carriage/ buggy horse. You know, the one you rode in his buggy and fed him carrots. Yeah, that horse.
Did you know that the AMERICAN QUARTER HORSE ASSOCIATION is so interested to breeding their wonder horses to get registry money that on average SEVENTY THOUSAND of their breed, many with papers, go through the Slaughter pipeline to Mexico or Canada either to be killed for human consumption in Europe or Asia?
The AMERICAN THOROUGHBRED Race Horse and STANDARDBREDS are also sold into the Slaughter business when they break down or just don’t perform and win money. Many fantastic beautifly horses are shipped to be eaten by people. They are the next most likely to suffer this inhumane fate.
And the American Mustang, Icon of the freedom of the west, is also vunerable. Initially, the horses that HAD to be removed from their historic homelands according to the Bureau Of Land Management, were held for adoptions. You could buy a wild horse for one hundred and twenty five dollars. Then after a year, you received title to that horse. Then you could sell him to whoever you wanted to. Some of them also go to the slaughter houses.
Now, thanks to the poor management of the BLM, there are over 40,000 wild AMERICAN WILD MUSTANGS in holding pens. There is a new motion in the upper echelons of our government to sell the ‘unadopables’ to slaughter to get rid of them. I’m not blaming the new people in Washington, but the old school who allowed this program to run rampant. They allowed the taking too many horses off their range to lease their homes to Cattlemen, oil men and other companies that want the land for their own benefit. Business wise it may appear like a good idea, but is that good idea worth the American Icon’s disappearance from our country? Surely, we can do better than to murder a vast number of animals  (think Ten Thousand innocent wild horses) that have been living in horse jail for years.
There are many more tragedies committed on purpose, but I would also like to mention horses that are STOLEN from their home pastures. They could be a child’s horse, a therapy horse that is being used to rehabilitate, a show horse walked right off the show’s property or even your pet horse from your barn. These don’t even see another place until they are purchased by a kill buyer and loaded on a huge trailer that is crammed full of horses suffering the fate of the damned.
I want to mention # 11 to these ten ways.  If you are against horse slaughter then call and write your Governor, your Representative, your Senator and your President and express your disapproval for their plans to support horse slaughter. Look up the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act.

The Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act would prohibit the slaughter of horses in the United States for human consumption, as well as the export of live horses for the same purpose.

“The permissive allowance of such horsemeat used for human consumption poses a serious public health risk.”1

If I haven’t lost you yet remember the restaurant that made the news last month for selling horse meat in a major city.  Yes, its illegal here now, but the move is on the way to change that.
Anyway, here’s the original blog from Draft Horse Rescue Resource.
And for more info, join the the american-canadian horse warrior forum on Facebook. Lots more info.
10 Things YOU Can Do To Help Stop Slaughter