Who is killing our Horses?

 According to some large horse Facebook pages, there is are concerted attacks on our horses. Not the wild ones, but our pets, our partners and our working stock.

A six year old girl’s miniature horse found shot to death.

A childs’ birthday present found shot to death.

A young woman’s paint trail horse found shot to death but suffered horribly.

A therapy horse shot with two arrows. She later died after surgery.

A young boy walked in on someone attacking their horses in a barn. Two horses killed, the boy hospitalized.

Over and over, our horses are being found dead. The question is why and how? And how can we prevent this from happening to our horses?


Debi Cole to The American-Canadian Horse Warrior Forum


This horse killing thing has got to stop! We must consider the reasons behind them. So there must be some hard questions answered.
Why so many of these horses are much loved pets? Are they mad at the owners? Are they jealous we have them?

Is it a neighbor or someone from another town or place?

Are the victims ‘special’ in that they are kept in a yard or a front pasture that allows easy access? Or are they locked up at night in a protected area away from the road?

Are there alarms, lights, guard dogs to awaken the owners or do you find the victims in the morning?

Do we think that some of these shootings are politically motivated or just done by evil, cursed people. By that I mean could a competitor be taking out their challenger for the upcoming county fair?

Perhaps there should be some rules posted by this or some other venue. I remember when you were supposed to leave a halter by the barn door in case of a fire. Then, not to, so your horse couldn’t be stolen. Then don’t lock the barn or do lock the barn. Where are we at today?

We need to take valid and successful precautions to protect our livestock. I no longer live in the country, but I remember that my Grandpa always kept a loaded gun by the door. He had big farm dogs and when they started barking, he got up, grabbed the gun and went out in hunter mode. Sometimes it was a coyote, sometimes a possum, sometimes a man who got the bejabbers scared out of him. Now, Grandpa never actually shot a person but he did fire up in the air once or twice. But believe me, if a dog or another animal had been injured, there would have been a dead man in the driveway. But that was old Texas.

Can we at least start compiling a set of suggestions for owners so they can protect their animals.

So what ARE the right things to do to protect our beloved animals?

Can we do this here? I would like to.

Please, if you have some valuable info or suggestions, feel free to post here. I will consider it and pass it along.  This wasteful, hateful killing has got to stop.


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