An Open Letter to Senator Ted Cruz and John Cornyn

Dear Senator Cornyn and Senator Cruz

My name is Deborah Cole of Converse Texas. I am emailing you today to ask you not to vote for any language that allows unrestricted sales or transfers of our wild horses and burros, which was presented by Representative Stewart in the House Bill. I also do not want restrictions lifted that allow my tax dollars to be used for the destruction  (slaughter or euthanasia) of healthy or unadoptable wild horses or burros.

Wild horses and burros need to be managed on the range with a safe birth control vaccine. The facts about this vaccine presented thus far in congressional hearings, have been incorrect. PZP can be darted by helicopter, or by ground. Volunteer groups can, and are in some herds, be used to do the darting and record keeping. PZP costs under $30 per dart. Which is considerably less than rounding them up and warehousing them.


I know you have seen the survey’s that clearly show the American people are not in favor of slaughter, and there have been huge outcries from the American people not to allow what Mr. Stewart called ‘humane’ euthanasia. We must not take a step backward, to be a less compassionate society, when there is a humane way to manage our wild icons, an important part of my culture, my family history and our heritage.

Please know that the people who voted for you with faith in your abilities and that you represent want you to vote NO, on any language in the bill or introduced during the Senate hearings, that means the death of our wild horses and burros. Thank you for hearing my voice on this important issue.

Our country and Texas in particular was built on the back of these magnificent animals. They deserve protection and humane management not slaughter.


Deborah Cole