Old people should not get puppies.

I’m sorry ahead of time if I hurt any feelings.

This came to me after reading a story on another list. When I worked as a PD dispatcher I was always shocked and saddened by what happened to elderly people’s dogs after they died or had to go to a home. Often times they were just taken to the city shelter by kids who couldn’t afford them or flat didn’t want them. The dogs were so sad, so betrayed, by humans that had loved them their whole lives.

If you are over 60 or maybe even younger, please consider getting an older dog and not a puppy. Jack Russells, Dachshunds, Chihuahuas, Rat Terriers and other breeds of small dogs will often live upwards of 15 years.

In my Never To Be Humble Opinion, A 70-year-old person should NOT get a puppy because the dog will probably out live you. Now having said that, there are thousands of good healthy older dogs in pounds, rescues and shelters all over the US. Please go and rescue those dogs. Some of them come from situations just like you, an older person. They are neutered, up to date on shots, microchipped, and house trained. They are there through no fault of their own. And when you do get a dog, or any other animal be sure to make provisions for your dog in your will. I personally work with a wonderful rescue and next time I plan on taking an older dog as a foster so that if anything happens, he will be returned to the rescue NOT dumped in a pound. Thank you for thinking of your dog


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