A commentary on LOYALTY and our little Jack Russell Terrorists.

True loyalty is a very rare commodity in today’s world. A companion who will always stand by you is a ‘pearl of great price’ and of untold value. There is an ancient bond between mankind and our canine companions that was struck in the darkness of time immemorial. Many people have forgotten and violate the pact by ignorance and heartlessness. Some dogs don’t take it as seriously as others. They will run and hide in times of violence or danger to them. But not the Jack Russell. The old Parson would still be proud of the strain that he developed from his great lady bitch, Trump.

One of the things I seriously love about Jack Russell Terriers is their tenacity and their undying loyalty. We’re always hearing about the ones who go down a hole like Alice and can’t get back out. Or they get lost in the woods and have to be found.

There are even negative stories of them attacking other small pets like cats, ferrets and gerbils. These are unfortunately often true due to the innate nature of this little rascals, because they were bred to be brave beyond common sense and savage to their prey.

On the other side of the coin, however, there have been many many true stories of the little ones standing by their owners/masters/parents to the bloody end. There’s the story of George, a courageous Jack Russell from New Zealand who in 2009, was awarded a posthumous PDSA Gold Medal -( People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals,) the animals’ George Cross – for saving five children from attacking dogs. There’s the story of the South African JRT who remained to guard his master’s body after the man was killed by rebels in that country’s civil insurrection. There was the JRT who in England, saved his Mistress from a rapist by viciously attacking the man after being kicked numerous times. Then the story of the JRT who defended ‘his’ pub from burglars after they were closed. These news stories are becoming legendary.

Even television has given them a bow. There were the too perfect versions such as Eddie and Wishbone. But then on Law and Order there was an episode where a woman jogger was attacked and killed by an attack dog that had gotten loose in Central Park. The investigating detective (Lenny) sadly commented on the death of her little terrier dog who had fought the much larger dog to protect her.

I believe that if Nicole Simpson had possessed a JRT, there would have been proof of her murderer because he would have sustained injuries. The dog would not have been found wandering the streets in confusion. A Jack would have saved her or died with her.

Oh, yes. We know they have their problems and not all personalities mesh successfully. You can have a JRT who doesn’t work out for you. Something in their background may interfere with the bonding. Or they may be too high energy for your circumstance. If that happens, all you can do is return or rehome the dog. They are too strong willed to conquer if the relationship doesn’t take.

But we know that when we find them, that perfect dog, or they find us that we have a soul mate for life. We are blessed with our little hairy Angels. And the loyalty they give to us can only be returned as fully and as tenaciously as we can.

Because to do less than that, is simply not acceptable.


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