Un-Disappeared Again

Un-Disappeared Again.

We won’t go into my injury prone summer, but I need to come out  of the Dodrums and get back to work.

I did something different this year.  I joined a Writer’s Group.  I’ve always written in a darkish  room with nothing and no one but myself, the dogs and an Invisible Muse standing over my shoulder. And I was getting a little stale and running into more and more stone walls.

I’ve always  thought that a sequel was a dangerous undertaking.  Some of the great ones like McCaffrey and Bradly, seem to move into their  worlds lock, stock and barrel.  And others seem to get lost and flounder around as in Rice’s Witch series..  I’ve had people, okay several people, ask me for a sequel.  But there’s so much to remember and continuity is an absolute must.And the research..ayei!

I’ve written several series in FanFiction but as one of my Group members commented, It’s like painting by the numbers. The hard decisions have been made.  We pretty much know that O’Neill will rescue Jackson and Spock will argue with Kirk so all you do is let it happen.

But ‘world building’ is a lot messier and you can wander down paths you’d never thought of before.  This group of writers, poets and playwrites will catch you up and tell you/ask you challenging questions. And you’d better have a thick skin too.  It’s like lessons everywhere. The Teachers don’t always say what you want to hear, just what you need to.

So hopefully, my life will calm down.  My successful friends tell me blogging is a good thing so I’ll try to do better.

Oh and here’s advertisement for my existing novel.  It’s not SciFi or even fantasy.  But a book I believed needed to be written. The sequel is about 1/2 done and hopefully will be out by next summer.



I Write

Did I mention I write? It’s like a disease. Or a mental problem. I read too. A lot. There’s always a paperback book in my purse. I like the feel of it. Yeah, I have a smart phone, but its not really real to me. So I read books.
Ah, but what do I write? Well, short stories, long stories, articles for magazines, you know. Stuff. There’s also a book in the works and you will see it mentioned LOUDLY here.
What do I write about? Fanfiction is the easiest. I have some things published on the web in archives. I love to write about dogs and horses also. My first and best loves. I’ve also be known to do an article or two about bass fishing. I’ll dig somethings out of the pile and copy them here. But you’ll know when it hits. Meanwhile I’ll keep blogging along.
Thanks for reading what I’m writing. There will be more tomorrow I’m sure.