Now that I have a book, what do I do?

So, you have a self-published book.  It’s pretty, not too expensive you need to sell it to recoup your money.  Most self-publish contracts will post in, CreateSpace, The Apple Store, Kodo and other venues for you to sell through. But how do you sell it hand to hand.

I don’t have any real firm answers, I can only tell you what I do right, wrong or indifferent.

Here’s what I have done.

FaceBook the heck out of it.  Let people know you’re writing.  Let them know what you’re writing.  And, when the writing will be ready.  Maybe post a snippet or 10 to get them interested.

Tell all your friends and relatives.  They will usually read it and tell people about it.

But, where do you sell it?

Initially, I went to the local military base (We’re retired AF) and talked to the manager of the Base or Post Exchange. This is particularly helpful if the subject matter touches on the Military.  I was able to ‘rent’ a table space and took 20 copies with me.  Over three days, I sold 12 books.  It cost a small fee but it was worth it for the profit margin. Okay, not a landslide, but sales none the less.

I found out our community library was having an event.  I went and signed up. It was a bust but I did meet another self-published author.  And we determined to join forces after it was over.

I then found a local bookstore.  Not a chain, but a store that sells new and used books and antiques.  They agreed to let my new found friend and I have a book signing.  I was lots of fun and great customer relations.  Over all, I sold 17 books.  14 that day and 3 more were on hold for their customers.  YEAH US!

The final and best thing I did was I went to a Multi Media Convention.  I didn’t buy a table this time, but I was able to leave some copies of the book and some old fanzines that I was willing to sell at the Orphan Zine Table. These great ladies took care of everything for me AND they sold 8 books.  They also asked when the sequel was coming out. Evidently they had bought a copy and read it while they sat at their table. Next time, I’m planning on running a table with some other friends who have their own books to sell.  I think it will be successful and I know it will be fun.

So I can only tell you use your imagination.  Don’t be afraid to ask.  Things that seem impossible will sometimes be the best thing you do.

The last thing I’ll tell you is always, always carry copies of your book.  Carry business cards, carry a printed paper with the back of your book information on it and where they can buy it be it Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, etc.  Someone will ask to see it, someone may want to buy it right there.  Always smile, and ask if they want it personalized.  It may only be a few dollars but, more important, the book is now out there.  Someone else is seeing it, holding it, buying it, reading it and they’ll spread the word.

I was told that money will not come with the first book, but your sequel or second book should do better.  But I’m happiest selling to people who like my book and appreciate my work.

So, there it is.  If you have something that I haven’t mentioned be sure to write me and share the knowledge.

Debi Cole

The Homestead











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