I Write

Did I mention I write? It’s like a disease. Or a mental problem. I read too. A lot. There’s always a paperback book in my purse. I like the feel of it. Yeah, I have a smart phone, but its not really real to me. So I read books.
Ah, but what do I write? Well, short stories, long stories, articles for magazines, you know. Stuff. There’s also a book in the works and you will see it mentioned LOUDLY here.
What do I write about? Fanfiction is the easiest. I have some things published on the web in archives. I love to write about dogs and horses also. My first and best loves. I’ve also be known to do an article or two about bass fishing. I’ll dig somethings out of the pile and copy them here. But you’ll know when it hits. Meanwhile I’ll keep blogging along.
Thanks for reading what I’m writing. There will be more tomorrow I’m sure.


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