Back from the Revels!!

I just got back last week from Revelcon.  It is a fan oriented Multimedia Convention that occurs in Houston the 2nd or 3rd weekend in March.

What do you do at such a thing?  Well, there are panels that discuss everything from writing (mostly fanfiction), viding (see you tube and type in your favorite TV show or movies and see what people have created), information on or about the above mentioned shows, and many other fan based subjects.  Then we have the Saturday night Cabaret full of costuming, performances, singing and fun.  There’s the Art Show where artists send their work to be oohed, awed and purchased.   Some are used as an auction after the cabaret. And Oh, I didn’t mention the ever popular dealers room where you can buy jewelry, old fanzines, tshirts, and get a reading from tarot cards. Even a massage for the cheap.  But mostly, we meet old friends and sit and enjoy great company while doing all of the above and more.

I did take my book, The HOMESTEAD, and the ladies at the Orphan Zine table helped me out by selling it for me.  I sold 8!  Pretty darn good I think.  Next year, I may have the sequel and get a table.  Hopefully someone else will want to share and we can both run the table.

I didn’t do a costume this year except to represent the theme of the convention.  It was honoring our favorite ‘Over the Pond’ shows and stars.  I was a Stargate Archaeologist from the Old Sod and displayed the Irish flag on my sleeve.  But there were a lot of Hogwartians, Dr. Whos, Professionals, a Bond or two, and many more minions, etc.

So it was a wonderful time to step into fantasy and away from the Real Life we all live.  I saw so wonderful friends, sold a few books and had lots of people to Speak Nerdy to Me.

Live Long and Prosper.

Debi C