OLD LADY RANT: Why should I register my horse?

OLD LADY RANT: The question came up on a horse list should you register your horse. In my opinion you should always register your horse with some organization if he’s eligible. And if the horse does show or compete be sure to inform the registry so they can add it to his paperwork.  It’s only fair to him. If he has to be sold later, those papers will prove his/her bloodlines for breeding, carry the show records including Competitive Trail and Endurance and even, in the case of BLM Mustangs, help find their home range. It helps secure a good future for him. Think about it. When you go and look at a horse what do you ask? Registered? check. Bloodlines? check. Show record? check. Is he sound? check. This can all be proven by good paperwork. How many times have we heard of horses someone saved from the kill pen only to find that they are old show horses (perfect for kids) race horses (barrel or jumping prospect) or royal bloodlines (even if you don’t breed). They were going to slaughter, no doubt, So how did they wind up there?
Here’s my story. You’re at a horse sale and see a pen full of Five chestnut mares offered for sale. All solid with some white on their faces. All fat and apparently sound. You can only afford one. Which one do you buy?
1. AQHA double bred King. 14 hands. kid gentle. no show experience. 2. ApHC and AIHR reg. Colida/Prince Plaudet bred 15 hands. Gentle and easy to ride. Some show experience and an endurance record. 3. AQHA Old Sorrel bloodlines. 15.2 hands Roping show horse. Good riding. Lots of wins and lots of money. 4. AQHA Impressive bred. 15.2 hands. no show experience. just a brood mare. She does carry HYPP gene. 5. BLM mare. 14.2 hands. Spirited horse for good rider. AIHR papers show she’s from Nevada. Has some show experience and won classes in Registry’s Natl show. Also, Competitive Trail Horse.
This makes it all easy. But take these 5 horses and put them in the same pen at an auction. Maybe some old cowboy can read the signs but how about you. 5 pretty mares. No history cause no one has their papers. So why don’t you give your horse a chance, spend a few dollars and git ‘er done. Oh, and be sure the papers go with the horse. Don’t send them to Mexico for slaughter on purpose.

Translation  AQHA  American Quarter Horse Association

ApHC  Appaloose Horse Club

AIHR    American Indian Horse Registry

BLM     Bureau Of Land Management  = Mustang.


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