Is my horse acting stupid? I bought him well trained.

Hey, there’s all kinds of reasons for a good horse to act stupid. Every instance is new, nothing is ever the same. First, I mean this for everyone, never trail ride with roping/racing reins. None of you. Those reins can get anyone in a heap of trouble to include getting hung on a branch, horse getting his leg through them to jerk on his poor mouth and even drownding him. Yeah, I’ve seen it almost happen to a very well broke horse who was pawing the water. Crazy girl (proud of her went in the water to unclip the rein. Nearly killed them both). Next ground tying should be done with split reins only. Now, as for the trailer thing, I’d also say you’re tying him too loose. Probably think you’re being nice, but he could have broken his neck or a leg or snapped the halter and run amok. No more than two feet, especially to a trailer. Yeah, if he’s a trained rope horse he’s more sensitive to ropes but what you described shouldn’t do it. I’d say, some time on a thinking tree for both of you. You bought a trained horse. But you didn’t train him. So you don’t know what he does or doesn’t know. He may not be trained to ground tie. Any horse will stand in the barn. He wanted his mama and saw you there. That means he trusts you. That is an honor you need to be worthy of. Then he stepped on the rein, jerked his mouth and it hurt so he tried to get away. NOW EVERYONE: Learn to stop and look around at the dangers to you and your horse. He’s really not that smart in the human world of ropes, traffic, being tied up, etc. You have to take care of him. He obviously wants to please, you just have some communication gaps. He’s no smarter than the average 3/4 year old human in our world. Teach him the ropes before he hurts himself of you accidently. It’ll be worth it.


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